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Farewell, old friends

Bobby Murcer during introductions for the 54th Annual

Bobby Murcer during introductions for the 54th Annual Old Timers Day at Yankee Stadium. Photo Credit: KEN SAWCHUK

Just one more post before we call it a decade. Promise.

It's a look back at New York sports figures who died the 2000s, which you can read here.

I included 21 names, leaving out so many worthy ones I'm not even going to begin to attempt an honorable mention category.

Among those who are listed is Wellington Mara, a prominent figure in 20th century New York sports who in a cool bit of incidental timing found himself featured on the final Newsday back page of the 1900s.

Mara had made a rare speech to the Giants after a loss to the Vikings, and when word leaked out, there he was, prominently but reluctantly displayed on the historic day.

Newsday went a little more new school with its final back page subject of 2000-2009: Mark Sanchez.

Newsday/Ken Sawchuk

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