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Fearless predictions for 2010

I now randomly will toss out a hodgepodge of sports media and business related predictions for 2010, after which you will be free to prepare for the true meaning of the Christmas holiday:

Schlepping to Manhattan in the morning to watch the Heat play the Knicks.

1. will launch in January with much hype but at least for the short term will be a minor blip on the entrenched local media radar.

2. Sid Rosenberg's book will come out in the spring, containing juicy details about his eventful life. I will write a story about it.

3. The Mets' and Yankees' struggles to sell tickets at top dollar in 2009 will be repeated at the Giants' and Jets' new stadium, this time with the added complication of PSLs. Plus, the stadium will open without a naming sponsor.

4. The biggest growth in live sports video will be on handheld devices, at least for people under 40. The rest of us will complain the screen is too small.

5. The Twitter fad will peak and start to fade, and another will rise to be the hot new media trend of 2010. Sorry, Shaq.

6. David Cone will leave his job as a YES analyst to be replaced by . . . um, someone else who used to play for the Yankees.

7. A new basketball arena will start to rise in Brooklyn. No, really.

8. The Giants, the only one of the New York area's nine major pro teams without a regularly scheduled TV postgame show, finally will secure one. Or so they should.

9. TBS will add SNY's Gary Cohen to its postseason stable but make Brewers announcer Brian Anderson its lead play-by-play man in place of the departed Chip Caray.

10. Michael Strahan's Fox sitcom, "Brothers," will be cancelled, but the NFL Network will add him to Bob Papa and Matt Millen to create a lively three-man game booth.

Or not. We'll see.

Merry Christmas, WatchDog Nation.

Enjoy the NBA quintupleheader Friday. Or talk to your relatives. Your choice.

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