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Feherty on 'Feherty'

David Feherty hosts "Feherty" on The Golf Channel,

David Feherty hosts "Feherty" on The Golf Channel, premiering June 21, 2011, at 9 p.m. Credit: The Golf Channel

Like most programming on the Golf Channel, it helps tremendously to be a golfer fully to appreciate “Feherty,’’ which debuts Tuesday.

But as long as that is understood, fans of the sport and/or of the famously colorful announcer should enjoy the 12-part, hour-long interview series.

The first show is built around an extended sitdown with Lee Trevino – future subjects include Charles Barkley, which should be interesting – but Feherty also talks candidly about his history of mental illness and alcohol and drug abuse.

That makes sense, because even though Feherty ostensibly is the interviewer, “Feherty’’ is as much about him as the people sitting across from him. Fortunately, he has the personality to pull it off.


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