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For Al Michaels, 1980 Olympic hockey moment never gets old

Al Michaels next month will work his first Olympics in 22 years, serving as a daytime studio host for NBC.

Perhaps you recall Michaels' most famous Olympic moment in 1980, when he called a certain hockey tournament for ABC alongside analyst Ken Dryden (Cornell Class of '69).

Al does.

"One of the motivations for me to come back into the Olympic broadcasting arena is that it is the 30th anniversary," Michaels said. "People ask, 'Do you ever get tired of talking about this?' You can't. It's one of those things that's indelibly placed in the mind of anyone who was alive."

Michaels said when he is asked to recount his greatest sports memory, he says, "That's the wrong question. The question should be: What's No. 2? This is No. 1 by a million miles, and always will be."

Micheals said his famous "Do you believe in miracles" line might not have come to him in a later era of ubiquitous highlights.

If he had known it would be "played back a million times" he might have tried harder to come up with a memorable line and in the process ended up with a less memorable, less spontaneous one.

"I just got lucky," he said.

This ends our blogging week. Enjoy the Australian Open women's final at 3:30 a.m.


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