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Fox, Time Warner in ad battle

A scene from

A scene from "The Simpsons Movie." Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

Yo, Fox and Time Warner: 

How about saving some of the dough you're sinking into radio and print ads in your public relations battle and cut back on the dough you soon will be extracting from consumers' pockets no matter how all this is resolved?

Eventually Fox and Time Warner will agree on a price for the cable giant to retransmit Fox's broadcast signal, and one way or another that fee must find its way into customers' monthly bills.

Fox has a right to be paid for programming, the way cable channels are, but there is only one long-term solution to the endless expansion of channels and fees:

A la carte programming, or at least an expanded menu of options.

(Cablevision, which like TWC is a big cable TV distributor, owns Newsday.)

Photo: Fox

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