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Francesa fired up over Penn State

In this photo provided by the Pennsylvania Office

In this photo provided by the Pennsylvania Office of Attorney General, former Penn State football defensive coordinator Gerald "Jerry" Sandusky, center, is escorted in handcuffs to a waiting police car in Bellefonte, Pa. Credit: AP Photo

If I were not on vacation this week, I would have written something to this effect in the newspaper:

Mike Francesa - usually in tandem with his former partner Chris Russo - often over the years has veered into awkward, at times misguided, territory when it comes to off-field social matters.

One that comes to mind was the time he and Russo leaped to all sorts of premature conclusions about the murder of Sean Taylor a few years back.

But Francesa was spot on, early and often, in tackling the still-unfolding scandal at Penn State.

He talked bluntly about it on his Sunday morning NFL show, then devoted much of his Monday show on WFAN to the subject, even on the day after two big New York football victories.

The highlight was the 4 to  5 p.m. hour, when Kimberly Jones joined him in the studio to offer her insights as both a proud Penn State alum and a former beat writer covering the team in the late 1990s.

Jones managed to be passionate, angry and disgusted while at the same time offering useful insights as someone who knows many of the people involved and has remained close to the Penn State community.

Terrible story. Great radio.

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