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Garden has seen good, bad, ugly

Theodore Roosevelt was vice president under President William

Theodore Roosevelt was vice president under President William McKinley and went on to become the 26th president. Credit: AP/NYU

As part of its ongoing renovation, Madison Square Garden is installing on the sixth floor concourse a display of 366 “Memorable Moments’’ in its history, one for every day of the year.

Some days were no-brainers – May 8, 1970; March 8, 1971; June 14, 1994 – while on others the pickings were slim. My birthday, Oct. 3, had to settle for a 1988 Prince concert. Oy.

Several days presented tough, apples-to-oranges calls. Take Oct. 26: Vice presidential candidate Teddy Roosevelt’s speech before the 1900 election? Rocky Marciano’s KO of Joe Louis in 1951? Patrick Ewing’s Knicks debut in ’85? (The full list won't be revealed until autumn.)

Credit the Garden for not shying away from less-than-pleasant memories, including its most notorious moment of all: The June 25, 1906, assassination of Stanford White – the architect who designed the building – at the rooftop restaurant of the second Garden, leading to the 20th century’s first “Trial of the Century.’’

The perpetrator, Harry Thaw, was greatly displeased with White over an intimate, prior relationship with Thaw’s wife, Evelyn Nesbit, a model and actress many years younger than White.

Not the sort of thing you see every day, even at the Garden.

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