Good Morning
Good Morning

Garden to raise ticket prices

A proposed design of the renovations at Madison

A proposed design of the renovations at Madison Square Garden.

Announcing unfortunate news, such as ticket price increases, on a Friday is Media Relations 101. And, sure enough, I will be heading to the Garden shortly to receive the particulars on what Knicks and Rangers fans will be paying in 2011-12.

Short version: more.

First, here is some reading material to keep you busy while I'm out:

I wrote this story about the new-look NCAA Tournament in TV terms, which is a huge net positive as long as you have basic cable.

While I was at Le Parker Meridien Tuesday talking to CBS and Turner people, Sandomir of the Times was 21 Club, talking to former local sportscasters.

Interesting Star-Ledger story about trouble brewing at HBO Sports, centered - naturally - around boxing.

There is no more entertaining sports feud these days than David Stern vs. Stan Van Gundy.

By the way, I was fortunate enough to address journalism classes at Stony Brook Thursday morning and at Hofstra Thursday evening.

I thank them for having me, and hope they will remember me when they are doing the hiring and firing 10 years from now.

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