Even though there might be one more game there, Giants Stadium memorabilia already is available via Steiner Sports, including pairs of seats for $499.99.

Why so much cheaper than the $869 a pair for Shea Stadium seats and $1,500 for old Yankee Stadium?

"There are a lot more of them, and we wanted to do something affordable in a different economic time," said Steiner Sports founder Brandon Steiner.

Baseball stadium memorabilia in general is an easier sell, at least in New York.

"It's a challenge," Steiner said. "It's different when people spend so much time, 81 games or 20 playoff games versus one or two playoff games. And the big game in football is the Super Bowl [on a neutral field], so it's a little different."

On the other hand, the sale should benefit from the fact two teams called the stadium home.

"I’m sure each [fan base] would argue they are more passionate than the other and I’m sure we’ll see that in the auction and bidding on certain items," Steiner said.

Even though it means delaying the demolition another week, Steiner said he would love to see the Jets host the AFC Championship Game.

"That would be a huge boost to us," he said. "I’ll be rooting for the Jets and be rooting for the money."

How much money is in all this? Steiner said he has sold $3 million worth of dirt alone from old Yankee Stadium.

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New Meadowlands Stadium will receive the proceeds from memorabilia in exchange for paying for the demolition of the old stadium, which likely will exceed $10 million.