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Giants, Jets: 9-3; Cowboys: 1-4

Look at the bright side, Yankees fans:

1. Presumably we don't have to watch that awful Taco Bell commercial starring Joe and Mo anymore.

2. Our pro football teams are better than the one in north Texas.

But I digress. What did I think of the coverage of the Yankees' 2010 finale?

I thought the TBS game announcers recovered from a rocky start in the Twins series to improve game by game and finish on a strong note.

Ernie Johnson smartly mentioned the deliciousness for Rangers fans of Alex Rodriguez stepping to the plate as the potential final out, then let the pictures of the celebration speak for themselves.

Matt Winer did a much better job on the thankless task of podium interviews than many others have managed, including Fox's Chris Rose after the World Series last year.

Meanwhile, YES' postgame was bluntly honest about the Yankees' failings and thorough in its coverage, providing sound from both managers, the series MVP, the Captain, the GM, Phil Hughes and Andy Pettitte (in a revealing interview conducted by Kimberly Jones).

One side effect of the Bombers' Game 6 loss is that we avoided the prospect of 3 million New York area homes being shut out of a Yankees World Series because of the ongoing Fox/Cablevision tiff.

But what about "Glee" Tuesday?


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