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Giants selling individual game tickets

The Giants have made individual game tickets for the 2010 season available for sale via

The team regularly has offered limited numbers of individual game tickets in the past, but in the era of personal seat licenses, nothing is as simple as it once was when it comes to ticket sales.

In order to avoid upsetting those who have purchased PSLs for New Meadowlands Stadium by making tickets available to non-PSL holders, the team is giving those who have bought personal seat licenses first crack at the tickets.

That process will be conducted Wednesday and Thursday, during which the majority of tickets likely will be claimed. Former season ticket holders and wait list members will have their turn Friday and Saturday, followed by the general public Monday.

There are approximately 1,400 seats available for each home game.

To account for the fact the tickets will be sold without PSLs, the price of each was raised by $25 - to a range of $110 to $725.

Why the availability in the first place when the Giants have said for months they were sold out of non-club seats?

The team said in a news release some seats were held back "to insure that we comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act regulations" and others were kept open "to address issues that may have arisen during the process of assigning seats in the new stadium."

The Giants said it is typical to hold back more of such seats in the first year of a new stadium than the second, and that it expects many of the available seats to be sold with PSLs in the future.

(The Jets have said that they do not plan to sell individual game tickets.)

Why not sell the remaining tickets as PSLs?

Giants president John Mara said doing so at this late stage would be "administratively difficult," but he added most of the seats in question eventually will be sold with PSLs next year or soon thereafter.

"I suppose we probably could [sell the seats as PSLs], but it's late in the process; we're about to play a game," Mara said.

Mara said the number of available seats is "significantly less" than the number made available on a week-to-week basis in the past, sometimes as many as 3,000 or more based on returns from visiting teams and other factors.

Mara said he expects most of the available seats, particularly to the more attractive games, to be purchased by PSL holders.

If there are some non-PSL holders who end up getting tickets, he said, it likely will be "on a very limited basis" and likely only for the stadium's inaugural season.


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