Auctions on a huge batch of stuff from Giants Stadium end Sunday night at Steiner Sports' site, with assorted signs from in and around the stadium among the most popular items.

(Full disclosure: That includes the Media Room/Players Wives Lounge sign on which I have made multiple bids. But someone out there seems to want it more than me. Or at least has more money than me. Bidding was up to $236 Saturday afternoon.)

Former Giant Brad Benson secured one of the goalposts to erect outside his New Jersey auto dealership.

I'm not sure what he paid, but it's safe to say it was more than I would have.

This is the last post of our special, weekend edition blogging day.

I was busy Friday seeing three movies at the Tribeca/ESPN Sports Film Festival, all of which I will write about in the coming days, weeks and months. I also had a chance to speak to Ice Cube and attend a party at a Manhattan nightclub with Jessica Alba, a judge for this year's festival.

So, to answer a question I sometimes am asked: No, I do not miss covering the NFL Draft.

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