Here is a story I wrote for the Saturday newspaper about the limbo in which Giants Stadium finds itself - having either already hosted its last event ever or poised to host one of the biggest events in its history Jan. 24.

Is that the extent of our Jets coverage on this fine mid-winter day? Um, no.

The news conference I attended upon which the above story is based had a cool personal touch for me as I visited the old yard for (maybe) the last time.

Former Giants running back Joe Morris was there, and he and I had a nice chat about the Dec. 21, 1985, game against the Steelers in which he famously ran for a touchdown missing one shoe.

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That was my first NFL game at the stadium. My (perhaps) last moments in the stadium were spent standing on that same field . . . with Morris.

Anyway, I hope as a journalist that I'm wrong and that there is one more game at Giants Stadium. It would be one heck of a scene. Go Ravens!