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Giants Stadium is mostly gone

Let's wrap up our blogging week with this look at what is left of Giants Stadium, as photographed by WCBS radio's Tom Kaminski.

It's not much.

But, given the news this week about the Jets' ongoing PSL problems, it is a reminder that many fans were perfectly happy with the old place (and the old prices).

As the Daily News Gary Myers' wrote today: "About half of Giants Stadium has been torn down. Maybe it's not too late to put it back up."

I'm all for that, but I'm not giving back the two Press Elevator signs I bought as souvenirs.

It's been a weird week in New Stadium Land. One highlight was WFAN's Mike Francesa skewering the Jets Thursday for allegedly threatening TV blackouts for 2010.

(Big Mike and the Jets have not been on friendly terms of late, in part because of the Jets keeping their players off his show during the playoffs in January.)

Friday, Francesa opened his show by taking credit for pressuring the team into promising there would be no blackouts.

But I reported before he came on the air Thursday that the Jets were committed to avoiding blackouts of home games no matter what it takes.

Whatever. This is all just show biz. I'm glad I don't face the things journalists who cover the real world do. Like this guy. (Check out the third graph. Yikes.)

Enjoy Flyers-Bruins Game 7.


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