Good Morning
Good Morning

Giants stuck in Kansas City; Giants writers stuck back home

From what I'm hearing, Brett Favre's old pal Jenn Sterger is close to ending her public silence by sitting for interviews on ABC and ESPN.

Not sure when. But soon.

Interesting piece by Sandomir here on ESPN's pramagtic decision to interview presumed Heisman winner Cam Newton in advance of the ceremony to avoid an awkward moment.

I didn't expect to be available to watch the Heisman show tonight but it turns out I am back home after a whirlwind flight to Cleveland and back today.

Nothing against Cleveland, but I was supposed to be in Minneapolis. Like the Giants, I never made it.

Unlike the Giants, who are overnighting in Kansas City, I was sent home, and will try again Sunday.

This is what the flight attendant announced upon our landing back where we started:

"I have no idea what to tell you to do. This has never happened in my 11-year career here. Please see the customer service agent."

If you're not watching the Heisman show tonight, please watch HBO's interesting documentary, "Lombardi." Sandomir also had an interesting take on that here.

After the Heisman presentation on ESPN, it's "Pony Exce$$," a worthy capper to the 15-month-long "30 for 30" series.

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