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Giants will play only one more game at Giants Stadium

Brandon Jacobs tries to fire up the crowd

Brandon Jacobs tries to fire up the crowd at home against the Eagles. (December 13, 2009) Photo Credit: David Pokress


Now I'm going to have to go to the Giants' game against the Panthers Dec. 27 to witness their final appearance in my old office, because even if they make the playoffs, they ain't gonna be playing at home.

What were my impressions of NBC's coverage of the big game? It was strong, as usual, but Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth sometimes veer into pop culture references that might go over the heads of people under 40.

Michaels continues to do a better job understanding the rules than do most TV announcers. Collinsworth is trying.

I still haven't forgiven him for botching the rules interpretation at the end of the Giants-49ers playoff game in '03 and confusing everyone in America.

My biggest problem with Collinsworth is that ever since I got Madden '10 for my birthday, I can't listen to him on NBC without thinking, "Hey, he sounds exactly like the guy on the video game!"

Earlier in the day my attention wandered during the endless TV timeouts and I tuned to SNY just in time to once again see Buford homer leading off against Seaver in Game 1.

It sure seemed as if Swoboda had a chance to catch that ball. Endy would have had it.

Then I listened to Michael Kay do his first basketball play-by-play since he was at Fordham in 1982 for the Hawks-Nets showdown on YES.

I have a rich, full life indeed.

Photo: David Pokress

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