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Giants win over Fox's Jimmy Johnson

Former NFL coach and

Former NFL coach and "Survivor" contestant Jimmy Johnson is shown on the shores of San Juan Del Sir in Nicaragua. Credit: AP Photo

Before the Giants'  Dec. 4 game against the Packers, Fox studio analyst Jimmy Johnson said this about Big Blue:

"I'm sticking a fork in the New York Giants. Not because of Eli Manning, but because of the Giants defense, which is 28th in the league. They'll be lucky to finish 8-8."

Hmm. Well, the Giants defense still is struggling, and the team still might finish 8-8, but a strong showing in a loss to the Packers and last weekend's victory over the Cowboys have led Johnson to remove his fork and pronounce the Giants un-done.

"After the Sunday night game, they've made a believer out of me," Johnson told me Thursday morning. "The Giants and in particular Eli Manning have won me over. I know the Cowboys fans are going to be upset with me, but right now I see the Giants winning that division."

Johnson said he anticipates the NFC East coming down to the Jan. 1 Cowboys-Giants game, in which he "gives the Giants a huge edge."

"I'm concerned about Fox NFL Sunday, because I may have a fork coming my way," he said.

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