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Glazer: Heckler spit at Rex

Interesting insights from Fox's Jay Glazer on what provoked Rex Ryan's infamous middle finger in an interview on WFAN here.

Glazer, an eyewitness, said the heckler was so over the line Ryan should be rewarded for his restraint rather than be fined $50,000 for displaying his fickle finger of fate.

"I think to fine the guy 50 grand is the most ridiculous thing," Glazer said. "If Mike Tannenbaum or Woody Johnson was there, they would have hit the guy."

Speaking of Coach Ryan's expensive bird, what did the famously fiery Bill Cowher of CBS think of it?

"I'm sure in hindsight he wishes he would have used better judgment," he said from South Florida Wednesday.

"It's the world we're in right now, with all the attention going on. You have to be careful.

"I like Rex Ryan. I think he's charismatic. He speaks from the heart. He's refreshing. He's his own person.

"It's something he'll learn from. One thing about being a head coach in the National Football League is you grow into the position. I know in my 15 years I feel like I became a better coach each year as I experienced all the things that come with that.

"It's not an easy position to be in. It entails a lot. I think as long as you continue to look around and learn, you grow."

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