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Green Day at Newsday

Good morning! If you are a Jets fan, there is no shortage of stuff for you to read in today's Newsday, as you would expect.

Here is our complete preview section, including my prediction for the big game: Jets 41, Colts 0.

I don't get many back page stories these days, but thanks to Glauber, Boone, Martin, et al being busy with the preview section, I got this story about Rex Ryan's unusual approach to public speaking onto Newsday Sports' big stage.

Another thousand words or so worth of interesting quotes were left on the cutting room floor. One of my favorites was Joe Klecko comparing Rex's big talk to a scene from the movie "Patton."

As the general passes by, a solider refers to his nickname, saying, "There he goes, 'Old Blood and Guts.'"

A fellow soldier responds thusly: "Yeah, our blood. His guts."

Speaking of Klecko, here is a story I wrote about his nascent TV career on SNY.

I wrote a couple of other items for my Friday newspaper page, but as is customary I can't find them on the website. So I cut and pasted them for you here.

First, one about Tony Dungy:

Tony Dungy told me earlier this season he was not certain he would return to NBC in 2011 and beyond because he wants to follow his son, Eric, currently a redshirt wide receiver at Oregon.

Doing so would mean regular weekend commutes from the West Coast to New York.

He was able to juggle the Ducks and Peacocks well enough this season – “The schedules meshed pretty well,’’ he said – to give him confidence he can continue with the network, at least for now.

“It’s a little more wear and tear,’’ he said, “but right now I think it’s going to be manageable, and I’m looking forward to doing both.’’

Dungy plans to fly to Glendale, Ariz., for the BCS Championship Game Sunday after wrapping up his second season with NBC after the Jets-Colts wild-card playoff game.

The former Colts coach generally has gotten positive reviews for his work with fellow analyst Rodney Harrison and host Dan Patrick.

“I have liked it a lot more than I thought I would,’’ he said. “It has been fun preparing, and it does give me a lot more time at home [than coaching].’’

Second, one about Jeane Coakley:

Jeane Coakley is in her first season covering the Jets for SNY, after spending the previous four years at WISH-TV in Indianapolis covering, well, you know.

“It is so weird; it’s surreal,’’ she said of being around the Colts before last year’s AFC Championship Game and the Jets before the rematch.

The transition from the tightly controlled, limited access environment forged by Colts president Bill Polian to Rex Ryan World has been whiplash inducing.

“It’s the complete opposite,’’ she said. “It is two extremes. I’m glad I got to experience both.’’

Coakley has received texts from some Colts welcoming her return to Indy, but while she forged close working relationships there it is difficult for any journalist to resist being around Ryan’s Jets.

“I enjoy this a little better,’’ she said.

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