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'Grounding Day' for CBS

Overnight ratings for the PGA Championship on CBS Sunday were down 33 percent from last year, back when Tiger Woods still was Tiger Woods.

But they would have been down even more if not for one of the most confusing, compelling finales in recent major golf tournament history.

CBS' coverage, especially Dustin Johnson's misadventure on the 72nd hole, was mixed.

The network provided excellent views of the ill-fated shot that led to the penalty that ousted Johnson from the playoff, and of Johnson's reactions in the scorer's tent.

But its explanation as the drama unfolded was confusing, especially for those of us who watch golf primarily on four weekends a year.

The announcers could have done a better job explaining exactly what "grounding" one's club means, and exactly why it is not permitted in a sand trap.

Also, it was not until the start of the playoff that Jim Nantz revealed CBS announcers had been told Wednesday the same thing golfers were told: Even disfigured bunkers outside the ropes would be subject to the rules that normally cover bunkers.

That news quickly turned Johnson into a less sympathetic figure.

After the playoff, interviews with Bubba Watson and Martin Kaymer neglected to address the only subject many viewers were thinking about at that point:

So what did you think about that Dustin Johnson thing?

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