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HGH testing tests pro sports

Baumbach wrote this story in the paper about the lack of a reliable urine test for HGH.

Here is some bonus stuff from Baumbach that did not get into the paper regarding each major league's position on blood testing for HGH:

MLB: "We are well aware of the important news with respect to the HGH blood test in England. We are consulting with our experts concerning immediate steps for our Minor League Drug Program and next steps for our Major League Drug Program. The Commissioner remains committed to the position that we must act aggressively to deal with the issue of HGH."

NFL: "Our position is that HGH testing has advanced to the point where we are taking steps to incorporate it into our program," spokesman Greg (Syosset) Aiello said.

NBA: "We have been and will continue to monitor advances in the testing for HGH for potential inclusion in our program at an appropriate time," spokesman Tim Frank said.

NHL: "The recent results are intriguing and certainly worthy of serious discussion among the members of the NHL/NHLPA Program Committee, and as between the NHL and NHLPA," deputy commissioner Bill Daly said, through a spokesman. "Having said that, the introduction of blood-based testing, as I understand this would entail, would be a significant and costly step that would not only require the approval of our Players' Association, but quite frankly, may not be a necessary or sensible measure to pursue given our extremely limited experience with the use of prohibited performance enhancing substances among NHL players."

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