58° Good Morning
58° Good Morning

I ate at Holsten's and survived

Happy Presidents Day! I am so old I recall when Washington's birthday was celebrated on Feb. 22.

That was before the law that took effect in 1971 ensuring several holidays always would fall on Mondays.

We at Newsday don't get the day off. We only get the Big Six holidays. But I'm not complaining. We are a daily newspaper/website, and you count on us for information and entertainment.

Had an interesting weekend. Saturday night watched "12 Angry Men" and "Wings." The former still holds up well 54 years after it came out.

The latter mostly is a curiosity because of its status as the first Best Picture Oscar winner, but its air battle scenes are remarkable given they were filmed less than a quarter century after airplanes were invented and not much longer than that after moving pictures were invented.

Sunday the family had dinner at Holsten's Brookdale Confectionary. Yes, we sat in the Sopranos' booth. Yes, we ordered onion rings. I even visited the men's room, but I did not see the guy in the Members Only jacket there. No Michael Corleone, either.

I did watch a few minutes of the NBA All-Star Game, enough to hear Steve Kerr and Reggie Miller criticize the notion of the Knicks acquiring 'Melo, and Marv Albert criticize the Knicks' treatment of Donnie Walsh. Oh, my.

I actually kind of like following the Melodrama, led by Newsday's own Alan Hahn.

It beats the relentless, eye-glazing drone of the Mets' Madoff mess.

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