Perhaps sensing it has a captive ratings geek on its hands, Nielsen keeps sending me increasingly esoteric data.

For example, did you know that 13 percent of people who watched the Olympic Opening Ceremony were surfing the Web at the same time?

And that one factor behind the rise in Super Bowl XLIV ratings was the Hispanic market, which was up 9 percent?

And that the Islanders' 100 percent ratings rise compared to last season through the Olympic break was second-best in the league after the Black Hawks' 102?

Speaking of the Islanders, here are some leftover quotes from my newspaper story about their unfortunate radio situation:

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Fan Matt Scordato of Hempstead: "One time I got in my car and got a Hamilton, Ont., station that was clearer than the Islanders' station so I listened to the game [against the Maple Leafs] on that. I just found it by accident. That's terrible."

Fan Tom Morgan of Mount Vernon: "I used to listen jogging or doing laundry or doing errands. Now I can't. I'm not going to schlep my computer everywhere . . . And even when you can hear it, obviously you lose a lot [on the simulcast] in detail and color. I used to turn down the TV sound and listen on radio. I watch with my 94-year-old Mom and she can't see the game anyway. She prefers the more exact description."

Team president Chris Dey: "What's interesting, and clearly not expected, is that because of the number of microphones the TV uses for audio, it captures a lot of the natural sound, a lot of the skating, a lot of the hitting. To me it brings you more into the game than what a traditional radio broadcast would give you."

Howie Rose: "At heart I'm a radio guy. I think anyone who came through the ranks in my generation was going to have a particular affinity for radio . . . I hope they reconsider for next year. Chris King can do a great job all by himself and take care of the audience the way they need to be taken care of."

Chris King: "Obviously Billy [Jaffe] is great with the telestrator. Every time he goes to the telestrator, that doesn't play well on the radio. So there are so many elements that aren't suited to radio."