It's that time of year again, when the Yankees' new faces cause fans to have visions of more championships dance in their heads.

But what about John Sterling? With each new player comes the need for a new home run call. It's a lot to handle for a man of his age, even though he won't admit what that age is.

Let's help him, shall we? Post or email suggestions and I will see to it that Mr. Sterling gets them.

Javier Vazquez? Probably not necessary, given the small chance of a home run in an interleague game in an NL park - especially Citi Field.

But just in case, how about . . . hmm. Javy-Davy-Doo? Wizard of Vaz?

Back to what really matters: Curtis Granderson and Nick Johnson.

Granderson Slam? Too easy? So come up with something more creative.

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As for Nick Johnson, wow. Not easy with a boring name like that.

How about Prodigious Poke for the Plodding, Patient-at-Plate Pinstriper?

Photo: AP