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J-E-T-S, P-S-L!

Jets owner Woody Johnson insisted during Thursday's "Hard Knocks" news conference that the team's participation is not motivated by selling personal seat licenses and tickets for 2010.

Whether or not you believe that, it's clear the team has many left to sell. It has been calling potential customers frequently with sales pitches, including trying to get people who bought tickets in the PSL-less upper deck of the new stadium to move down to PSL territory.

I asked Mr. Johnson about how much his new open policy is driven by business considerations. He said this:

"If you don't like working for the fans, get out of this business. All these steps we've taken are designed to put a better product on the field and a better product for the fan.

 "We work for the fan. This show is perfect for that. I like the fact it's going to show the good and maybe some things that are difficult, because that's part of football. And the fans know that, they've just never seen it."

I asked how PSL sales are going. He said this:

"The PSL sales are going well. I thought they were going to kind of fall off after Christmas a little bit, but they're selling great."

I asked how the team would handle it if PSLs were not sold out by opening day, but fans wanted to buy tickets for that particular game for a seat designated for a PSL sale. He said this:

"We'll have to deal with that. We fully expect to be sold out. If we have to deal with it, we'll deal with it."

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