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Jennifer Lawrence hopes to sport Oscar

Jennifer Lawrence arrives at The Hollywood Reporter Nominees'

Jennifer Lawrence arrives at The Hollywood Reporter Nominees' Night at Spago in Beverly Hills, Calif. (Feb. 4, 2013) Credit: AP

“Silver Linings Playbook’’ is a longshot to win the Academy Award for Best Picture Sunday, and even if it somehow does, most Oscar-followers will not consider it the fourth sports movie to win the big prize, joining “Rocky,” “Chariots of Fire’’ and “Million Dollar Baby.’’

It should count, though, because even if does not show game action it most certainly captures the world of fandom, specifically Philadelphia fandom, which is its own subgenre of humanity. (Think the cantina scene from “Star Wars.’’)

Anyway, even if the off-beat romantic dramedy joins the recent sports-oriented Best Picture losers,  “The Blind Side,’’ “The Fighter’’ and “Moneyball,’’ it has a good shot at producing acting winners (as did "The Blind Side" and "The Fighter").

Bradley Cooper, a legit, native-born Eagles fan, is expected to lose out to Daniel Day-Lewis for Best Actor, but Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro are strong contenders for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.

If Lawrence wins she will join Sandra Bullock (“The Blind Side’’) and Hilary Swank (“Million Dollar Baby’’) as Best Actress winners from sports-themed movies.

Lawrence also showed a flair for archery on the big screen in 2012 . . . but that’s another story entirely.

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