Did I have a problem with Jeremy Roenick crying on NBC after the Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup?

No, I did not. I thought it was sort of cool.

The real shame of Wednesday's telecast - the highest rated for the NHL in 36 years - was that the confusing finish deprived Doc Emrick of the chance for a true Cup-clinching call.

In fact, the call was a mess, which was understandable given the strangeness of the Blackhawks' winning goal, which was not signaled by the referee or the goal judge.

I was in the building when it happened and I can assure you no one at the Wachovia Center had any idea what was going on other than Patrick Kane.

Emrick was far from the only announcer confused by the finish. The situation was similar on Philly radio when I heard the replays on the drive home.

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Same goes for Canadian TV and Chicago radio. 



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