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Jerry Seinfeld not a fan of Carton's 'sweaty, juvenile sexuality'

Here is the audio from Jerry Seinfeld's visit to Ca-Boom today.

There was no discussion of Mr. Seinfeld's favorite New York baseball team, but Seinfeld did bluntly complain about one aspect of WFAN's morning program:

"I hate the 'Girl of the Week.' Why do you that? Isn't that humiliating to your wife? . . . Why? You ogling and getting all your sweaty juvenile sexuality. It's the only part of the show I'm not comfortable with.

"There are a lot of fans out there who don't want to hear you breathing heavy. Who cares? We understand that you have sexuality. We all have sexuality, but it's a sports, fun conversation show. Boomer, I feel you cringing sometimes."

Asked whether he looks at WFAN's website for the "Girl of the Week" contest, Seinfeld said, "I'm not interested in that garbage. I'm married. I've got three kids. I'm grown up."

Gotta write a newspaper article now. Enjoy the season finale of "The Marriage Ref."

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