Derek Jeter walks back toward the dugout at Yankee Stadium....

Derek Jeter walks back toward the dugout at Yankee Stadium. (June 30, 2010) Credit: Getty

For those of you who have had your fill of Derek Jeter or just plain hate the Yankees, you'll enjoy this. The rest of you will just roll your eyes and wonder why people spend their time doing  these things.

But alas, the Internet is the world's great equalizer.

Rob Spectre is a non-Yankees fan, and he created the Jeter Filter, which as the website says, "quickly and carefully scours the Internet for signs of Derek Jeter and removes him while you browse, making Jeter disappear... right before your very eyes."

It's true, too, provided you have the Google Chrome browser and download the thing. Of course, who knows what else that will do to your browser, your computer, your personal data and your various other whatnots.

If you're gutsy enough, go to and read more. There are some drawbacks, such as this: If you're looking at player stats on, for example, it will remove the entire widget of information, not just the numbers on Jeter.

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