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Jeter: No stopping game for 3,000

Derek Jeter says he doesn't want the game

Derek Jeter says he doesn't want the game stopped after he collects career hit 3,000. Credit: Jim McIsaac

What might Derek Jeter say to the Yankees faithful if he reaches the 3,000-hit mark on the current home stand and the game is stopped to celebrate the occasion?

Umm . . . nothing, but thanks for asking.

Check out this exchange between MLB Network's Harold Reynolds and Jeter in an interview to appear on "MLB Tonight" at 6 p.m. Friday:

Reynolds: Have you thought about 3,000 and what you might say? Because clearly they’ll stop the game.

Jeter: What I might say? What do you mean, what I might say?

Reynolds: You’re going to have to address the crowd.

Jeter: No, we don’t address the crowd, no.

Reynolds: You’re just going tip the cap and move on?

Jeter: Yeah, they don’t bring microphones out there and start stopping [the] game, no, no.

Reynolds: You don’t want that?

Jeter: No.

Here are some thoughts from Jeter on being the first Yankee with 3,000 hits:

I was unaware of that until maybe five, six years ago. You just assume with the history of this organization that someone had reached that. It’s hard to explain, especially now with free agency and people moving around so much, I can understand. But the history of this organization, it’s mind-boggling to know that no one has ever done it before.

It’s hard to believe. I said in the spring I was going to try to enjoy getting close to it. …But I’ve done more interviews talking about myself this past week than I probably have my entire career. I’m always uncomfortable talking about myself because I'd much rather be talking about my team, and I think that’s why you play. You play on a team and you want that to be successful, but then again, I understand this is something I should be proud of. I have not reached it, hopefully I do, but I’m trying to enjoy it because I realize it’s not easy to do.

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