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Jets are TV hit

Here is our Jets preview section, Episode 2 of a four-part series!

It includes my piece about the Jets' elevation to national TV attraction.

Here are a couple of other items from my Friday page:

Item One:

Fox’s addition of former NFL officiating boss Mike Pereira has been hailed as the greatest innovation in televised football since the virtual yellow first-down line, if not instant replay.

Wow! Perhaps we sports media critics have gotten a tad overexcited, but one reason is that for decades announcers have been notoriously ill-informed about the sport’s arcane rules.

Fox has fixed that, and knows a good thing when it has one. It is using Pereira early and often in the games that count most, including Super Bowl XLV.

Tomorrow night he will be in the booth in Atlanta for the Packers-Falcons game, and by early Sunday is to be in Chicago for Seahawks-Bears.

Like a former coach or player, Pereira is adjusting to life as an outsider. He said on WFAN that when officials initially made an incorrect ruling on a crucial two-point try in Philadelphia last weekend he was tempted to get word to his former colleagues.

Fortunately, they figured it out for themselves.

Item Two:

There is nothing sports journalists dread more than coach searches, traditionally a procedure draped in secrecy and paranoia.

Then came the Broncos’ groundbreaking quest to replace Josh McDaniels, which concluded Thursday with the hiring of John Fox.

The organization turned the process into an open book for both fans and journalists, posting on its website news, pictures and video of candidates, including Giants defensive coordinator Perry Fewell.

Most startling was how John Elway, in his first week as executive VP for football operations, posted timely tweets with updates on the interview schedule, and even solicited questions.

The Fewell video features him gushing about the Broncos as he is driven from the airport, then shows him being greeted by Elway and other executives. Weird, in a good way.

I wish Elway had been in charge at St. John’s when I hid outside the university president’s home during a search committee meeting before Brian Mahoney was hired in 1992. But I digress . . .

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