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Jets close stadium in style

New York Jets fans hold a sign referring

New York Jets fans hold a sign referring to Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Ochocinco during the third quarter. (January 3, 2010) Photo Credit: AP

Congratulations to the New York Football Jets on the most successful stadium closing in New York-area sports history.

I referenced the recent non-playoff final seasons for the Yankees, Mets and Giants in this Sunday piece, but Vaccaro of the Post dug deeper here into the archives to chronicle other dreary stadium closings, including the Dodgers at Ebbets Field and the baseball Giants at the Polo Grounds.

So I went back even further in search of exceptions and came up empty.

What about the Yankees/Highlanders? They did beat Washington in their 1912 finale at Hilltop Park, but they finished 50-102 that season.

I watched on TV Sunday night, as I had said my goodbyes to the old place after the Giants' last appearance there. It's a shame, really, because it's still a fine place to watch a football game.

As the late co-owner Bob Tisch told me in the mid-1990s, the biggest problem was the narrow concourses. He was prescient. Wide concourses full of food, beverages and retail outlets have replaced corporate suites as the biggest reason for knocking down otherwise perfectly good stadiums to put up new revenue-generators. Sigh.

I used to play touch football in the stadium in the mid-1990s while the Giants were on their practice field outside the building. Sometimes Mike Horan came into the stadium to practice punting. Catching an NFL punter's kick is way harder than it looks on TV.

BTW, Joe Theismann and Joe Gibbs will join Tom Hammond for NBC's coverage of the Jets-Bengals game. With Collinsworth now on the A-team NBC needed a second unit and came up with this interesting concept.

Speaking of the Jets' rout of the Bengals, would someone please spend the rest of the day researching this so I don't have to?

Is the 74-point gap between the Jets' (plus-37) and Giants' (minus-37) results Sunday the largest for the teams on one day in their shared histories?

It will be interesting to see whether Chad Ochocinco lives up to his promise to NBC's Bob Costas to change his name back to Johnson if Darrelle Revis shut him out Sunday.

How about double or nothing for Saturday? If Revis shuts him down again, Chad should call Darrelle his daddy and change his last name to Revis. 

 Photo: AP

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