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Jets, Colts a ratings hit

TV ratings data are beginning to trickle in for Sunday's conference finals, and they are real and spectacular.

CBS averaged 28.4 percent of homes in 56 major markets - 50 percent of those with a TV in use - the highest such figure for an AFC title tilt since '94.

Top five markets: No. 1: Indy (49.9/77); No. 2: New Orleans (37.1/53); No. 3: Nashville (36.7/54); No. 4: Vegas (35.7/57); No. 5: Dayton (35.1/54).

New York? 15th (32.1/53).

The NFC numbers were even bigger, averaging 33.3 percent of homes in major markets.

The figure was 63.2 in New Orleans and 58.7 in Minny. Wow.

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