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Jets do media relations 180

New York Jets fans at pep rally in

New York Jets fans at pep rally in Times Square. The Jets play the Indianapolis Colts for the AFC Championship this Sunday. If the Jets win, they go to the Super Bowl. (Jan. 21, 2010) Photo Credit: AP

As a sports journalist and as a guy who covers sports journalism, reading these comments from Woody Johnson Thursday made me want to hug the guy - and to root for his team to win two more games.

Rod Boone reports:

"We've opened this thing up," Johnson said. "I think we finally got the light that we work for our fans, and a lot of it's through you, so we have to tell you everything that we can that's not the secret to Coke or what play we're going to run first when we open up. The fans really deserve everything else, so we like to give a perspective from the coaches, the players, the staff that work here, me and anybody else you can think of that can shed light in terms of what experience you're trying to describe, our foibles, our successes and the fans deserve to know all of that.

"We're going to be open, and if we're not open, you let me know and we'll give you what you want. Knowing that we're going to make mistakes and say things we don't mean and say things in the wrong order and we're going to embarrass ourselves, that's the risk I think we have to take if we're going to be good at this."

Johnson, understanding where things went so wrong with Mangini, even pointed to how opening things up access wise for the media can be a beneficial thing, not detrimental as Mangini thought.

“As I said, you guys are our spokesman in many respects," he said. "You speak to our fans every single day and so your feelings are going to reflect the fans’ feelings, they are going to influence the fans’ feelings and yeah as I said, this is not a secret. I want to include the fans in everything. Every experience that they want – if they want to know something, if they want to experience something I invite them out here. If you want to see practice, if you want to go on the team plane even, if you want to do something we’ll try to make it happen for you because if it’s big for you, it’s big for me."

Photo: AP

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