Some stuff I discussed with Jets exec Matt Higgins the other day didn't make it into the newspaper after the story of the team's PSL situation blew up and I quickly ran out of space.

Here is some of it:

On whether the team's auction of PSLs last year was a good or bad idea in retrospect:

"It was the best thing we ever did. It branded it. It enabled us to convey how unique this situation is that couldn't have otherwise happened. So I'd say almost every fan knows what the Coaches Club is, and that's due to the marketing campaign and the energy we generated. And we sold a lot of tickets. We think it was a success."

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On charges from some fans that the Jets' sales force has crossed the line from aggressive to annoying:

"Aggressive is good; annoying is bad. Our plan includes flexibility, creativity and a lot of followup and a lot of attention to individual needs to try to find a solution that works for fans. A lot of people have different circumstances. For those who have been annoying, we certainly apologize. But we don't apologize for being aggressive. It is a fine line, and we make corrections all the time. And those men and women are making a living, too."