54° Good Afternoon
54° Good Afternoon

Jets yes, Giants nyet

I'm back! Heck of a sports weekend, eh?

Yankees split first two games of ALCS. Exciting Jets victory. Al Michaels uses the word "meshugas" and references jai alai in the same NFL game telecast.

Doesn't get any better than that.

Only thing that would have improved the weekend is if the Giants had played or the NLCS had begun. Not sure what happened with those events.

But seriously, folks . . . The Fox/Cablevision unpleasantness is a serious matter indeed, and our own Verne Gay has been all over the story. (Translation: Better him than me!)

I could weigh in with my in-depth thoughts on this matter, but they inevitably would be viewed as biased because only one of the two companies involved has its name emblazoned on my pay checks.

But two brief points:

Remember that Fox is a broadcast network and thus available FREE over the air. Twenty years ago the notion of a broadcast network yanking itself off a cable system because it isn't being paid enough to be there would have seemed nonsensical

Also, in these disputes the cable company always is blamed more than the content provider, because the former is the one to whom you write your checks every month.

'Taint fair! Keep in mind every time you demand a new station be added to your channel lineup and every time you side with a network when it demands higher fees from the cable company you are implicitly endorsing a higher monthly bill for yourself, because the money has to come from somewhere.

How is that all the cable company's fault? 


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