Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Jocks will miss 'Entourage'

Giants fan Turtle wasn't too nice to Patriots

Giants fan Turtle wasn't too nice to Patriots QB Tom Brady in this scene from Season 6 of HBO's "Entourage." Credit: HBO Photo

Islanders fan Kevin Connolly and his pals return Sunday night for the final season premiere of “Entourage’’ on HBO, a magnet for jocks seeking face time perhaps unprecedented in TV history.

Or at least since the heyday of Kiner’s Korner.

This season’s guests include the Yankees’ Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez (airing Sept. 4). Past athlete guests include Lamar Odom and Phil Mickelson.

In honor of the big event, email your favorite athlete cameo to and I’ll share the results of the unscientific poll later this season.

My pick is Tom Brady’s visit in 2009, which prompted this exchange with Turtle:

Brady: Hey, do I know you from somewhere?

Turtle: Were you at the Giants’ Super Bowl victory parade last year?


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