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Joe Buck likes MLB final four

I spoke to Fox's Joe Buck early Monday afternoon about his improved voice and about his temporary ALCS partner, Terry Francona.

You can read about all that on the website sometime Monday night or in the newspaper Tuesday morning.

But I spoke to Joe about a couple of other things that ended up on the cutting room floor when I wrote the newspaper column.

On the fact MLB's final four does not include traditional ratings magnets, especially those from the Northeast:

"I know speaking as a Midwesterner [from St. Louis] that they’re going to have to give up the East Coast bias discussion for a little while. As I said on an infamous HBO show I used to host, if you think there’s an East Coast bias, you’re right.

"That’s where the eyeballs are and that’s where ratings are. But I think it’s good for the Midwest. These are proud franchises and deserve to be in the spotlight, and they’ve played the best so they deserve to be here."

On analyst Tim McCarver, who missed the first two games of the ALCS because of what Fox called a minor "heart-related procedure" Thursday:

"He’s fine. They ended up not doing anything. They went in and looked at him and he was fine. He just couldn’t travel because of the procedure he had done. He’s no less healthy than he was a year ago. He’s really relieved.

"It was a routine procedure and it turned out they didn’t have to do anything. There was some thought [to having him do Game 2]. But then it was like, what's the point? He already traveled ahead to Detroit. He's waiting for us. He probably will welcome us in the lobby when we get there."

On whether there was any thought given to having Terry Francona remain with the ALCS coverage as a third man in the booth:

"I don’t think Terry can handle this lifestyle any more than two days. He looks like hell. Wait ‘til you see him on TV tonight. He’s a train wreck."

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