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Clear 38° Good Afternoon

Joe Namath to narrate for CBS

Joe Willie Namath will narrate the open for CBS' "NFL Today" pregame show Sunday.

Speaking of the Jets, here are some comments about Darrelle Revis from the NFL Network's Deion Sanders - perhaps the best cover cornerback ever - on a media conference call Wednesday:

"I think he's going to be great for at least five to seven years. The reason is, he has instinct, mobility and one thing that people really don't understand, he's never out of position. He's never high. He plays low. He has great balance.

"I'm not going to say he's a speedster, but he has a burst, and he knows the integral parts of the game. He's a studier. He takes his work home with him. You're not going to worry about him going to jail after practice or something absurd like that.

"He is a constant professional on and off the field, and his work habits are second to none. I just feel elated about this kid, his potential."

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