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Joe Theismann closed eyes during his 'Blind Side' scene

Actress Sandra Bullock is nominated for an Academy

Actress Sandra Bullock is nominated for an Academy Award for best actress for her work in "The Blind Side." She already won the Golden Globe for this role. Photo Credit: AP

"The Blind Side" has stunned Hollywood by surpassing $200 million at the box office to become one of the most successful sports movies ever.

That means many non-sports fans now are familiar with Joe Theismann, whose playing career famously ended on a tackle by Lawrence Taylor that opens the film and illustrated the importance of a left tackle who can protect the quarterback's blind side.

Theismann said he knew the footage was in the film and that he went to see it the afternoon it came out, knowing there would be a small crowd in the theater on a work and school day.

"I've only looked at the injury once in the last 25 years [with a New York Times reporter in 2005], and when it did come on the screen, and I knew it was coming on, I closed my eyes and just listened to the audience reaction," he said.

"You hear all these moans and groans."

Theismann said no one in the audience recognized him as he sat with his wife, Robin, who also closed her eyes as L.T. closed in and snapped Theismann's leg in two.

Theismann, who will analyze Saturday's Jets-Bengals playoff game alongside his former coach, Joe Gibbs, said the 2005 viewing "was the last time I ever will see" the injury.

He said he is thankful that in the years since ABC showed his injury multiple times, TV networks have become more sensitive about how often they replay particularly gruesome injuries.

So, other than you know what, how did Theismann like the film?

"I enjoyed it," he said. "It's a great family movie."

Photo: AP

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