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Clear 27° Good Afternoon

Just play golf already!

Billy Payne, master of the Masters Universe, did more damage to the tournament's reputation Wednesday by reinforcing Augusta National's profound cluelessness than anything Tiger Woods has or will do.

Regardless of how many cocktail waitresses he befriends.

(Payne should have asked for a show of hands from Augusta members of how many have cheated on a spouse or girlfriend, just to remind the world such a thing never could happen, of course.)

Between the bizarre hypocrisy of Mr. Payne, who memorably did a bang-up job running the 1996 Olympics, and Woods' creepy Nike ad featuring his late father's out-of-context words . . . at long last, people, can we just play some golf!

Mark Herrmann wrote a news story and a column on Payne's comments.

George Vecsey weighed in in the NYT here.

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