Michael Kay just responded on 1050 ESPN to Phil Mushnick's response in the Post this morning to Kay's response on 1050 Friday to Mushnick's column in the Post Friday.

Kay was vastly more calm than during his epic rant Friday, which I faithfully transcribed here and for which Kay dutifully credited me on the radio.

After reading Mushnick's May 23 column critiquing Dave Winfield (better on radio than TV), then playing a May 28 tape of himself critiquing Winfield (better on radio than TV), Michael said this:

"That's theft? That's me lifting that? I almost feel embarassed that I got that upset."

And this:

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"Was that theft? That was your proprietary idea? It wasn't like you came up with e=mc2."

And this:

"Really, Phil, that was theft? Boy, if that's theft that should be the worst thing I ever do in my life."