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Good Morning

Kerry Collins, Richard Deitsch, Jimmy Johnson, Woody Johnson

Kerry Collins talks here about his unusual career arc and where it goes from here. Nice to see him still at it after all these years. I used to be close to him during my time on the Giants beat many eons ago.

Deitsch's media power rankings for July, even though I didn't make it again this month.

ESPN announced it will add seven (!) more daily hours of SportsCenter beginning Aug. 30, from 3 to 6 p.m. and 7 to 11 p.m. But it will all be on ESPNEWS, not the main channel.

Even with most sports fans in Boston and New York watching baseball, Sunday night's Hall of Fame Game on NBC averaged 11.4 million viewers, the most for any preseason game in nine years. Looks like it's the start of another huge ratings year for the NFL.

Fox's Jimmy Johnson will be on the next edition of "Survivor."

More Wednesday. Enjoy Woody Johnson on "E:60" tonight with ESPN's Jeremy Schaap (Cornell Class of '91).

Here are some excerpts ESPN sent:

On the ability of the Jets team this season: “I've never been around a team that has this much ability from the coaching staff to the players and the business side. The training facility's now completed. We're in our third year there, and we've got a new stadium that's been completed. So, we've done actually everything-- everything's in place to be successful. And I think-- you know, I'll go along with the coach. I think we're going to do very well this season.”

On head coach Rex Ryan outspokenness and saying that the Jets are going to win the Super Bowl and if he applauds that type of swagger: “I really do applaud it. Because I think it's nice to tell everybody-- if you're a leader, part of leadership is telling everybody where you're gonna go. And I don't think it's haughty. I mean, I think if you have a lot of confidence and if you're directed towards a specific goal, there's nothing wrong with talking about it, and being confident in achieving that.”

On what Darrelle Revis means to the team: “Well, Darrelle Revis is a great player. He's-- you know, we drafted him as a great player. We thought he would be pretty good, or we wouldn't have drafted him that first round. So, we knew he would be a good player. He played well for the three years he's been here; particularly, this last year, when Rex came out. I think the kind of defense that Rex ran-- really coalesced with who he is as a player.”

On being an NFL team owner: “It's been a great privilege. Really, It’s exciting. But it's been challenging. And it's an apprenticeship that you have to go through. It was a huge learning curve to running one of these franchises…And then-- in the ten years that I've just completed, I think I've learned a lot. And, hopefully, what we've learned is going enable us to proceed forward with success.”

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