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Knicks blog rules

Here is a bunch of random stuff that I don't have the time or patience to post as separate items:

A laurel and hearty handshake to Alan Hahn, whose Knicks blog produced page views for July hugely impressive for the redesign/subscriber model era of And it wasn't just because of all the LeBron news - it was because Hahn consistently was ahead of the curve on all the LeBron news.

Speaking of LeBron James and ill-conceived hour-long TV specials to announce simple facts . . . at 7 p.m. Tuesday NBA TV will present the schedule for some nationally televised games, including Christmas Day, on which some people believe the Heat should play the Lakers and others believe the Heat should play the Cavaliers. I vote for the former; mercilessly booing a visiting athlete on Christmas just doesn't seem right.

The Giants have joined the Jets in aggressively advertising their remaining personal seat licenses. For months the team said it had about 1,500 club seats still available. Monday it announced the number was down to about 1,250. What happened to its famously long season ticket waiting list, which had peaked at about 140,000? It's long gone. If you want a PSL, it's yours.

MSG and WFAN made it official Monday that starting Sept. 14 the morning show featuring Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton will be simulcast on the television network. (I reported in June that this news was coming.) I like it. Now I can record the show, as I do with Mike Francesa's YES simulcast, in case someone says something stupid and I have to go back and hear it for myself. It's a win-win for WFAN and MSG, the latter of which now will have plenty of original programming hours each week. The alternative? As I write this at 9:30 a.m., MSG is showing the 1970 NBA All-Star Game. Which actually is kind of cool, come to think of it.

(Note during the introductions in the video above that the players are sitting not in chairs but on an actual bench!)

Here is another weird/interesting interview with Mike Tyson.

Bye-bye for now. Enjoy the Yankees game tonight. Alex Rodriguez will hit No. 600 in his second at-bat. I guarantee it. Remember where you heard it first.

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