Good Morning
Good Morning

Landon Donovan, John Isner, Jerry Seinfeld, Mo, etc.

Interesting 16-hour "work" day Wednesday, which mostly involved sitting on my tush watching soccer, tennis, Seinfeld and the Yankees and displaying my limited powers of wit and observation by producing three dozen or so tweets.

(OK, I lied. I didn't stay up until the end of the Yankees game. But I made it to 12:30 a.m.)

I also sneaked in a podcast and a couple of interviews for the newspaper, including one with Orel Hershiser during which I informed him of the Isner-Mahut marathon in Wimbledon and he ended up doing play by play of it between answering my questions.

(They have ESPNU in hotel rooms in Omaha?)

Here is the newspaper story I wrote about Jerry Seinfeld's visit to the SNY booth, and here is Bobby Bonett's live blog of the big event.

Here is the full version of my newspaper story before I cut it in half to fit within the liimited parameters of the printed version of Newsday:

“You could do this, you know,’’ Gary Cohen said last night, several innings into Jerry Seinfeld’s debut as a (sort of) Mets play-by-play man.

Said Seinfeld: “I think I am doing it.’’

Well, yes and no. The comedian and Mets fan naturally came to the task with a less-than-conventional approach, spending 4½ innings blending shtick with play-by-play with Mets nostalgia with questions for his SNY boothmates, Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez.

Ron Darling was given the night off to avoid a traffic jam. “I’m a little upset,’’ Seinfeld said. “This is like I’m working with Groucho and Chico and there’s no Harpo.’’

Seinfeld’s wife, Jessica, arranged the visit as a Father’s Day gift, and he called it a “gigantic thrill and an honor.’’

It was the first time Seinfeld and Hernandez had spoken extensively since they worked together on “The Boyfriend,” a classic two-part “Seinfeld’’ episode in 1992.

Seinfeld said he was “still in the glow of ‘86’’ at the time and never was more excited to work with someone on the show than Hernandez.

What did Seinfeld think of Hernandez’ performance? “It was good. I mean, this guy never did that before. He looked better than I would wielding a bat.’’

(Seinfeld denied Darling’s assertion that he was offered the role before Hernandez.)

Mostly Seinfeld, who said he attends about 30 games per season, stuck to baseball. He gushed about the personality of this season’s Mets and reminisced about Mets of old.

His favorite player: Tommie Agee. His favorite Mets moment: Endy Chavez’ catch in Game 7 of the 2006 NLCS.

When the Tigers’ Johnny Damon caught a fly ball, he said, “Is that Johnny Damon in center? What is he doing out there? Get him in. He can’t cover that much ground!’’

As Jose Reyes went into his home run trot, Seinfeld said, “Jose Reyes cruising around third. Keith Hernandez is not liking this, always whining about Reyes homers. I love him!’’

Later, he tweaked Hernandez for a between-innings catnap he took earlier this season.

 “There’s nothing wrong with falling asleep by the way, on the job, let me say that,’’ he said. “Because when a guy’s head hits the desk, you know you are getting every last nickel out of that guy; he is working as hard as he can.’’

Monday night, Seinfeld sharply criticized Lady Gaga in an interview on WFAN for her behavior at a Mets game June 10, during which she spend time in Seinfeld’s suite without his knowledge.

Last night, he expanded on the subject of the flamboyant singer.

“I think it’s fair to say we’re all big fans of Lady Gaga,’’ he said. “Lame, out of it white guys in their mid 50s is her core audience. But I’m very protective of my Mets fans. I love my Mets fans, and I did not like the finger. It was disrespectful.

“I heard she was wearing some sort of studded bikini thing, and that’s always great at a baseball game…. She should make a nice apology to the Mets fans.’’

After Gaga's visit to his suite, Seinfeld said, "We brought the bedbug dog in. Rusty? What’s his name? The beagle? It’s all clean.’’

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