Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

'Last Play at Shea' to be shown at Citi Field Aug. 21; you should go

I cannot overstate the coolness of the news that "Last Play at Shea," the Billy Joel concert movie/biopic/ode to the Mets' old ballpark, will be widely shown for the first time not in theaters but at Citi Field.

Here are the basics from Glenn Gamboa of the Aug. 21 event, being billed as the largest movie-watching experience since 1919.

Tickets are $12, including the service charge. You should strongly consider going if you are middle-aged, from Long Island, like pop music, like the Mets and/or were there when Joel played Shea in the summer of '08.

If you are all of the above, then you really have no choice.

Here is the gushing review I wrote after seeing the film at the Tribeca/ESPN Film Festival in April, including the admission I teared up at a movie for the first time since the Carter Administration.

When I recommended then that people see the movie when it became available outside the festival, I never imagined that would be a communal experience at the Mets' new yard.

That should make it even more fun, and more emotional.

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