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Lindsey Vonn's shin, tape delayed

The Olympic women's downhill is set for 2 p.m. ET Wednesday, which guarantees this will be the biggest day yet for complaints about NBC not showing certain marquee events live.

Lindsey Vonn's shin injury has been one of the biggest stories of the Games, but NBC will wait until prime time to show America how it turns out.

Here is a good reality check piece from the Washington Post about how all this works, and how baffling and frustrating it is for journalists to accept.

The tension between journalists and avid sports fans who wish the Olympics were covered like a sports/news event and NBC's insistence on packaging the Games as a tidy prime time story book for non-traditional sports fans has been going on for many years.

And there is no easy solution.

But I do think it's fair to assume that if ESPN/ABC wrests the rights for 2014 and '16 from NBC, it will cover the Games more like a sports event than a prime time drama. For better and/or worse.

Speaking of figure skating . . .

It's amazing how cool Dick Button, 80, remains after all these years. How can you not love his studio sessions with (Commack) Bob Costas?

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