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'Lombardi' is a winner

I attended a screening Tuesday for the HBO documentary "Lombardi" - premiering at 8 p.m. ET Saturday - along with Frank Gifford, Jerry Kramer, Chuck Mercein, Dick Vermeil and other luminaries, including David Maraniss, who wrote a highly acclaimed book on Lombardi.

The 90-minute film chronicles the coach's life from start to finish, highlighted by insightful and poignant interviews with his children, his brother and many of the players, journalists and others who encountered him over the years.

(Seeing Lombardi's wife, Marie, on film made Judith Light's portrayal of her on Broadway that much more impressive. Dead on.)

The best thing about the film is that because it was done in partnership with NFL Films, there is some remarkable, I-can't-believe-they-have-that footage.

Examples: Scenes from one of Lombardi's postgame parties in his basement, shot by a 22-year-old named Steve Sabol and a remarkable, "Mad Men"-esque vision of mid-1960s adult socializing.

And audio of the Packers on the sideline before the final plays of the Ice Bowl plotting the best way to attack the Cowboys - and especially Jethro Pugh, over whom Bart Starr was about to score the winning touchdown behind Kramer.

Great stuff.

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