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Madonna is latest AARP headliner

The announcement that Madonna will be the headliner at Super Bowl XLVI has led to all sorts of jokes about the advanced ages of recent performers.

But be fair: She will be the second-youngest halftime act (based on current ages) in the eight years of the post-Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction era, born two months after Prince in 1958.

Madonna is a spry 53. That is 17 years older than Fergie, who sang with The Black Eyed Peas Feb. 6. But it is 12 years younger than Roger Daltrey, who represented The Who for Super Bowl XLIV.

I took gobs of guff from fans of The Who for criticizing that show, but Daltrey himself told afterward he wasn’t happy with it.

He also said this: “Miami is so different these days. It's not just a retirement community. Now Miami is fun and hip, and I'm too old to enjoy it."

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