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Mainstream media should have hit delete on Jerry Jones video

Sorry to be old school, but I have a huge problem with mainstream media outlets - including ESPN, the biggest of all in the sports world - disseminating a piece of video in which Cowboys owner Jerry Jones shares blunt opinions on Bill Parcells, Tim Tebow and Tony Romo.

In a bar.

Evidently after a few adult beverages.

Without knowing he was being recorded.

Tim Cowlishaw put it well here.

Look, I get the new media thing, at least more than the average 49.5-year-old does. But this crosses a line.

Any reporter worth a darn has heard far, far worse (and juicier) from public figures off the record - especially in bars late at night.

For decades that stuff has not been fair game, and it shouldn't be now. Celebrities know (or should) that anything they say in public these days might be recorded for posterity and the Internet.

That doesn't mean the alleged grownups in the journalism room have to play along.

(UPDATE: Here is an inadequate explantion from ESPN news boss Vince Doria about the network's decision to show the video on TV.) 

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